Meet Ali
(and Calvin)

Hi! I’m Ali, founder of Underbite Designs. I started out my career as a CPA, and after finding a lack of passion for it found myself in a new career of instructional design. Instructional design has been the gateway to my creative passion and led me to start Underbite Designs.

A few things to know about me:

I love transforming the ordinary into something new.

I believe PowerPoint can (and should) be cool.

I think no event is too small to be branded.

I want to create something you’ll love.

I live in Mason with my husband-to-be and our two dogs.

I spend the time I’m not designing outside as much as possible.



Underbite Designs was named for my late dog, Stella. Stella’s spirit is in everything we create. She never met a human she didn’t like. She was full of energy and loved to run at at the park.

Her legacy lives on through Underbite and her brother Calvin (who also sports an underbite).